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Hello there! My name is Maggie and I am a family and event photographer. As many other family photograhphers. I started my journey after I became mum to my son Oliver seven years ago. I now have younger son, Kacper, and they both have been great inspiration to what I do. I was self taught to start with and I did photography courses, including Baby and Newborn Photography Masterclass with Nikon School nearly four years ago, where I learned how to safely pose newborn babies during the session.

Photographing families is one of my few favorite things to do in this world, along with travelling and spending time with my family and friends. I love long summer evenings, sunsets and looking at the stars in the sky. I am a lover of chocolates, summer fruits, coffee and tea with lemon.

  My family finds me constantly behind the camera, trying to capture all the special moments we have together. I like photographing during the golden hour, with its beautiful warm light, and even though  I am a typical night owl, I will also get up at 4am to capture beautiful sunrise!

Having children made me realize how quickly time passes.  

Luckily our family has plenty of images filled with happy memories and when I look back, they remind me of things that could otherwise be forgotten. It also made me realise, that actually I don't exist in many photographs of my family. While I love being behind the camera, I know my sons can ask one day, why they haven't got many photographs of their mum....

So here I am offering you to sit down, relax and be part of your family story

Thank you for taking time to visit my page and hopefully see you soon!

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